WaterfallAs a student of yoga, art and theatre arts, I have had many opportunities to study both movement and visual art therapy. I discovered Intuitive Painting, which is a process that allows the individual to travel a private path where imagery helps unlock keys to one’s inner self. Not intended for professional or exhibition art, it is instead a form of art play to release creativity.

Intuitive painting focuses on painting as a form of: meditation,  spontaneity, silencing the inner critic, visual journaling, stress release, rejuvenation, feeding creativity, and releasing creative blocks.

I lead workshops in the process of Intuitive Painting or tailored in the following categories:

Art Journaling              Paint Your Purpose                  Exploring the Artist’s Way                  Collage/Vision Board             Intuitive Paint Explorations

Check in News to see if there is a workshop open to the public or contact me to arrange a private or public workshop.